Terms and Conditions

All use of the SEOData website and all items, goods, and services that you have access to or through the website are controlled by these terms and conditions. SEOData.com manages and runs the Website. Your access to the Site is subject to all of the terms and conditions herein and all other rules and regulations, including without limitation the Privacy Policy of SEOData, and the procedures which may be published from time to time by SEOData on this Site. 

By agreeing to these Terms, by subscription to the Services or through the Web, you reflect and agree to have read the Terms and that the information you supply when registering is correct, precise and within your right to use. You accept the following Terms and Conditions and agree to be bound by these Terms. If on behalf of a corporation or other legal body, you use these terms, You are representing the authority to bind the entity and its affiliates to such Terms, in which case the words hereinafter apply to the entity and its affiliates as "you," "Your" or its associated terms and conditions. You do not recognize these Terms and should not use this Service if you do not have these authorities or if you do not agree with these Terms.


1.1 "Service 'includes (a) the Website, (b) the on-demand SEOData SEO platform, tools, and SEOData API, and (c) other Site-based Services that are offered to you on a plan-based basis, including all apps, information, text, images, videos and other content made available on the Website or via the SEOData API (collectively," Content) Such words shall also refer to all new functionality applied to or applied to the Service.

1.2 Standard or extended assistance dependent on a negotiated service contract can also be included in the package. SEOData does its utmost to provide the Service as mentioned above, with the exception of: (a) a scheduled maintenance (during which you are informed beforehand), and (b) any unavailability arising during incidents outside the control of us, such as, but not limited to, acts of God, acts of war, acts of terror or civil disorder and, of course, technological errors beyond our control.


2.1 We shall ensure the security, privacy, and credibility of your data and of your end-user's personal information by providers by delivering you with the Service. We shall ensure the requisite administrative, physical and technical safety. Such protections include encryption of your data (using SSL or the like), but with the exception of some independent third-party integrations which do not support encryption and can be connected to the Server at your option.


3.1 General. The service is made available at the beginning of your contract cycle (usually monthly or semi-annual), and payable on a pay-per-use basis. When you do not supply SEOData with your credit card or other payment details, your account will not be terminated until payment and charge authorization has been issued. You will be paid promptly and any trial period will end if necessary.

3.2 Auto-Renew. You must automatically renew your subscription based on the renewal process of your contract. The Service offers an option for the account owner to change the credit card details (e.g. When renewing the card). For each payment made, the account owner may get a receipt, or they may obtain a receipt from the application to track the subscription status. At the end of your subscription cycle, all subscriptions will be renewed automatically unless you cancel them. Any further notification of auto-renewal will be issued to you.

3.3 Upgrading. When, in the course of your elected contract, you decide to upgrade your package or number of agents, any extra expense for the duration of the subscript period will be pro-rated and added to your account. The rate set for the next billing period will only be paid subsequently on the next billing period. You will not see a pro-rated charge or refund in the next week, whether you are in a monthly billing period. No refunds or credits for partial months of service, plan downgrades, are eligible, regardless of your billing period, or refunds for unused time if You end Your account before the expiration of Your subscription period. In order to treat everyone fairly and to keep our operating costs manageable for our customer base, no exceptions will be made. The loss of the contents, functions or capability of your account that result in your plan level being removed, and SEOData acknowledges no responsibility for these losses. For the extremely large number of end-users, extraordinarily high monthly ticket per agent, unusually high open ticket rates or other unreasonable   pressures on the service, SEOData reserves the right to contact you about special pricing.

3.4 Billing. SEOData uses a third-party credit card processing agency and this contractor is not allowed to store, maintain or use the information on your billing except to process the information on the credit card for payment to SEOData.  Please visit our Privacy Policy for more details about our financial practices and your personal data.

3.5 Mode of Payment. To subscribe to the service, a valid credit card is required. SEOData charges through a secure online service account. We have an SSL certificate preventing the interception of your confidential credit card information. Your full billing details will not be stored on the servers of SEOData


4.1 SEOData reserves the right to alter or substitute any portion of this Agreement at its absolute discretion. You are responsible for regularly Monitoring for any amendments made under this Agreement. Your continued use or access to the Website after any modifications to this Agreement are approved by you. Furthermore, SEOData can also include new website services and/or functionality (including new resources and tools). The terms and conditions of this Agreement are regulated by these new features and/or services.


5.1 SEOData offers a 30-day refund window without any questions asked. However, this does not apply to the databases purchased.


6.1 SEOData reserves the right to refuse, cancel or suspend service.


7.1 For device failures, crashes or data losses, SEOData can not be held accountable. They can not be kept responsible for any potential benefit estimate a customer would have made if the SEOData website were running. Some of SEOData assets are re-sold. The use of our customer accounts shall not be held by SEOData liable. If any terms or conditions have not been complied with, the account in question will immediately be deactivated. For all purposes, we reserve the right to delete any account without warning, as SEOData sees fit.