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API for SEO-software agencies and businesses

Broad SEO data through API at an affordable price.
Find everything you need to micromanage your SEO-software.

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Local Marketing Made Easy

Be in constant control of your listings, reputation, and SEO. SEOData is the number one trusted platform by marketers, established by experts.

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Our APIs


Track keyword rankings for any kind of website. Get full ranking results for any type of domain, keyword, and location.


Have access to the TOP-100 results of the most recognized search engines. Get paid, organic and highlighted SERP upshots for any keyword and location.


Get critical keyword metrics for bulk keywords.

Your SEO essentials tailored to fit your requirements


Simple Pricing

No more lengthy contracts or hefty down-payments. Our ‘pay-per-use’ terms are structured to bring a simple and laidback approach to the table. 

Technical Support

Immediate technical support and assistance are readily available for you. We ensure complete assistance and instruction to help you in setting up and implementing your API. 


Detailed Stats

Manage and control your credits for API usage. Our detailed reports will keep you in the loop. 

Easy Integration

We guarantee the highest API speed to accommodate your business needs.

Our systems are solid, stable, and tested with a 100% guaranteed accessibility. 

Gain access to only the most recent and most accurate data in real-time.

No lengthy contracts or down-payments needed. Pay only for every use. 

Simple Pricing
No pre-payment needed. Pay only for what you need.

$ 50-1000

1000 credits per each dollar

$0.001 price per one credit

$ 1000-2500

1250 credits per each dollar

$0.0008 price per one credit

$ 2500-5000

1500 credits per each dollar

$0.00066 price per one credit

$ 5000+

1750 credits per each dollar

$0.00057 price per one credit

For example, if your payment amount is $3000, then you will get 1500 credits per each dollar. So, you’ll get 3000×1500=4,500,000 credits.

from our Clients

SEOData was able to give us one of the most proficient teams to interact with. Each of our requests was handled with great care, precision, and urgency.

Gary Hughes

Marketing Director, TelDirect


I am really happy with SEOData’s smooth method of targeting options geographically without having to resort to algorithms for SEO building. With their help, we were also able to establish easy topical crawls for our users with the use of chosen keywords instead of manual URL gathering, which made our service very manageable. I also especially appreciated their friendly pricing scheme that allowed practicality and convenience. I’m definitely recommending them to my friends and partners in the business!

Ian Farland

Business Manager, GMP

I love the quality of service SEOData gives to its clients, it’s very fast and efficient! Aside from the fact that our SERP requests worked really well without a hitch, each time I needed assistance, had questions to create the scripts, to construct the request, etc., someone was always available to give me the right answers promptly.

Stacy Fernandez

Head of Marketing, Green Shield

Questions & Answers
The leading data provider for you

What type of customer support do you offer?

We offer live customer support 24/7. We are happy to assist you with your questions and in setting up a trial or paid account. You may also register online to check it out.

Do you follow all the revisions introduced by search engines?

Yes, we do. We update our algorithms according to the introduced changes in search engines. So you can rely on our system to deliver accurate and current data every single time.

Do you provide real-time data?

Yes, we do. Initially, you create an API and our server checks and reports the results back. Data is sent in real-time for a specific search engine, language, and site.

Do you offer a trial period?

Yes, we do. Upon signing up, you immediately gain access to our free feature with a $1 credit to your balance for you to use when testing our services.

Connect with us! Our Customer Support Team is Ready to Assist You.

Give us a call. We’re here day and night to respond to your questions and concerns.