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Get quick and easy results with our accessible API. Just give us a domain, add in the parameters, and you’re good to go!

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Manage your cabinet and control the usage of APIs in real-time.

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Don’t be bothered by hidden charges and extra fees. Get upfront prices for every page scanned with On-Page API. 

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We provide all-inclusive support and assistance within the entire testing and integration period.

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from our Clients

SEOData was able to give us one of the most proficient teams to interact with. Each of our requests was handled with great care, precision, and urgency.

Gary Hughes

Marketing Director, TelDirect


I am really happy with SEOData’s smooth method of targeting options geographically without having to resort to algorithms for SEO building. With their help, we were also able to establish easy topical crawls for our users with the use of chosen keywords instead of manual URL gathering, which made our service very manageable. I also especially appreciated their friendly pricing scheme that allowed practicality and convenience. I’m definitely recommending them to my friends and partners in the business!

Ian Farland

Business Manager, GMP

I love the quality of service SEOData gives to its clients, it’s very fast and efficient! Aside from the fact that our SERP requests worked really well without a hitch, each time I needed assistance, had questions to create the scripts, to construct the request, etc., someone was always available to give me the right answers promptly.

Stacy Fernandez

Head of Marketing, Green Shield

Clear stats. Understandable charts. Your API usage under control.

See all stats on API usage through informative graphs sent to your control panel. You can also load your account and view your balance from your dashboard. Everything you need in one place! 


Rank Tracker API features

We know exactly what you need, which is why we’ve devised a Rank Tracker API loaded with all the top-notch features that provide outstanding results.

Get immediate results in less than a minute. 

Google knows anything and we work with Google to give you everything. Our capacity to handle keywords is literally limitless. We work to give you everything you need right at your fingertips. 

Regardless of your preferred choice, we find ways to work it out for you. We offer support for Google to Google Mobile, Bing and so much more. 

Google keywords ranking API: what businesses our API is best for and usage cases

Our Rank Tracker API enables you to find high-ranking keywords to elevate your game in the search engine. These keywords are guaranteed to help you land on the first page of any search engine. You can use these for any niche or industry and for:


SEO-software companies

One primary function of SEO-software applications is to check the on-page optimization of a website and safeguard proper and accurate optimization of search terms. These applications use the keyword position checker tool to carry out a task, this process can be tedious and expensive. Using our Google Keyword Position Tracker API makes everything run smoothly and easily.  We deliver a comprehensive and tactical package so you can stand out in your industry.


SEO companies deal with keywords all the time. Mainly because using and finding the right keyword plays a critical role in making a business more search-engine friendly. Keywords are the “keys” that helps you land the first page of Google’s search rankings. The entire process is complex and tedious as it involves proxy and rotator set-ups. Our Google and other search engine position checker API help make the entire process easier and less complicated.


Marketing tools

Different campaigns require different marketing tools. Google position tracker API is an excellent marketing tool that serves different functions - content analytics, domain score analyzers and so much more. We turn your ideas into a reality by providing you the applications that you need Google search data API.

SEOData Google API for Keyword Position Check: How We Differ

The unmatched support we give to our clients makes us highly-adept in the industry. We give our customers full support from planning to implementation and track their status to make sure they get accurate data and stability.

We also offer top-notch features such as pingback and postback for clients to get a comprehensive report of the results directly to their URL. We pride ourselves as a reliable keywords rankings data API provider. We offer nothing but the best deals and work together with you to help you grow your business.  

How to Check Keywords Rankings in the Search Engines Using API: A Few Steps to Complete

Our API is primarily built to deliver flexible and universal solutions commonly experienced by businesses around the world. It is very straightforward and easy to use - no projects required to function. With just a few simple steps, you geared and ready to conquer Google’s search engine. Try it now!

Questions & Answers
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What type of customer support do you offer?

We offer live customer support 24/7. We are happy to assist you with your questions and in setting up a trial or paid account. You may also register online to check it out.

Do you follow all the revisions introduced by search engines?

Yes, we do. We update our algorithms according to the introduced changes in search engines. So you can rely on our system to deliver accurate and current data every single time.

Do you provide real-time data?

Yes, we do. Initially, you create an API and our server checks and reports the results back. Data is sent in real-time for a specific search engine, language, and site.

Do you offer a trial period?

Yes, we do. Upon signing up, you immediately gain access to our free feature with a $1 credit to your balance for you to use when testing our services.

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