Privacy Policy

All use of SEOData websites content, services, and products available on or through the web pages are governed by the following terms and conditions. SEOData owns and runs the Website. Your consent is subject to the terms, conditions, and other operating rules, policies (including SEOData's Privacy Policy without limitation) and procedures that may be published periodically on this domain by SEOData, without alteration of any of the requirements and conditions mentioned herein. Before accessing or using the website, please read this Agreement carefully. You consent to be bound by the terms and conditions of this Agreement when accessing or using any portion of the website. You may not access this Website or use any services if you do not agree to all terms or conditions of this agreement. If SEOData considers these terms and conditions to be an offer, acceptance shall explicitly be limited to these terms. The Platform is only open to people 13 years of age or older.

Your SEOData Account and Site

You are entirely responsible for all operations and any other steps taken in connection with the website as well as maintaining the security of your account its contents. You should not deceive or unfairly identify or allocate material to your account, including by trading in the name or reputation of others. SEOData also holds the right to alter or delete any definition, or keyword that is susceptible to SEOData’s liability.

You must inform SEOData immediately of any unauthorized use or breach of your account. SEOData shall not be held responsible for any act or failure by you, including any harm of any form caused by such act or negligence.

Access Privileges, Corrections or Erasures, Limitations and Objection of Processing

You have the right to read, rectify, delete, remove and limit the processing of your data, directing all such requests to SEOdata. SEOData allows you to exercise the above rights by sending us an email at [email protected] to make it simpler for you, and without regard to the legal provisions of SEOData to comply with the laws.

Deleting Your Account

All users who want to delete their accounts and the related details entailed to it can do so on their profile account. All data is completely erased and can not be recovered from all our servers.

Users and Personal Information

We collect information relevant to the usage of the SEOData platform as well as to the use of our services: 

a.) Registration Details: The information you provide us with upon signing up for our program. 

b.) Profile Settings: In your “My Profile” settings, you can access and edit several preferences and personal data such as platform language, registered e-mail, non-transactional communications, and the name on the account. 

c.) SEOData: We store data for you and your tasks.

d.) Billing Details & Subscription: We store details about your subscription but we do not record your payment details. All payments are handled through our third-party contractor. 

e.) Other Data: We may collect your personal information or data if you submit it to us in other contexts.

We don’t share your data with any 3rd parties.