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Rank Tracker API

Monitor keyword positions in search engines with the Rank Tracker API. No keyword addition or projects required, just give us a keyword to work with and we will furnish you with a copy of its specific and accurate position within the specified program. 


Gather the Top 100 results from search engines for a specific keyword with the SERP API. Give us a keyword and location and we will furnish you with a list of the Top 100 results complete with titles, descriptions, and paid results. 


Merchant API

Get a list of the Top 100 results for a specific product from primary e-commerce platforms like Google Shopping with the Merchant API. 

Keyword Data API

Get search volume, CPC, and competition level data for keywords from Google AdWord Planner with the Keyword Data API. Just provide us with a keyword and a region and we will deliver the results. 


Keyword Finder API

Build a powerful research tool with related, similar, suggested, and ranked keywords. Get a montage of useful keywords assembled from four different data-mining algorithms.

Competitor Data API

Check the traffic of your competitor's websites and all sources used to get visitors to visit a website with the Competitor Data API. Simply provide us with the competitor domain and we can give you a complete data including the check bounce rates, average time spent on a site, page view rate, estimated traffic value, sources, etc. 


OnPage API

Get comprehensive SEO data for any website page with OnPage API. Just scan all pages of any website and give us the on-page date with the critical errors that might have a significant impact on the page’s rankings. Provide a website domain and recover the most comprehensive data. OnPage API checks your website for 60+ parameters, it also outlines and presents all possible flaws so you can immediately repair them.


Drive traffic to your website, improve your brand’s marketing strategy, and boost your revenue through our wide-ranging citation tactics.


Ahrefs API

Tools to monitor your niche, analyze your competitor’s performance, and expand your search traffic. Ahrefs aids you in going through stringent data auditing and analysis so you can understand and outrank your competition.

Alexa API

With Alexa API, you will have insights on the global Alexa rank of domains including number of links to a specific domain, and with code of country where a domain is most popular.

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Facebook API

Facebook API offers a better way to see number of comments and reactions that are related to URL on Facebook, including the number of times your page was shared on Facebook.


MOZ offers a better way to use apps and data to SEO and improve traffic, ranking and visibility in search results through effective SEO planning and implementation.


Majestic API

Majestic is one of the most widely used SEO tools among agency owners. Majestic surveys the web to provide you with the connection and backlink details you need to conquer your business. Explore award-winning data from a leading SEO company.

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SEOData was able to give us one of the most proficient teams to interact with. Each of our requests was handled with great care, precision, and urgency.

Gary Hughes

Marketing Director, TelDirect


I am really happy with SEOData’s smooth method of targeting options geographically without having to resort to algorithms for SEO building. With their help, we were also able to establish easy topical crawls for our users with the use of chosen keywords instead of manual URL gathering, which made our service very manageable. I also especially appreciated their friendly pricing scheme that allowed practicality and convenience. I’m definitely recommending them to my friends and partners in the business!

Ian Farland

Business Manager, GMP

I love the quality of service SEOData gives to its clients, it’s very fast and efficient! Aside from the fact that our SERP requests worked really well without a hitch, each time I needed assistance, had questions to create the scripts, to construct the request, etc., someone was always available to give me the right answers promptly.

Stacy Fernandez

Head of Marketing, Green Shield

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What type of customer support do you offer?

We offer live customer support 24/7. We are happy to assist you with your questions and in setting up a trial or paid account. You may also register online to check it out.

Do you follow all the revisions introduced by search engines?

Yes, we do. We update our algorithms according to the introduced changes in search engines. So you can rely on our system to deliver accurate and current data every single time.

Do you provide real-time data?

Yes, we do. Initially, you create an API and our server checks and reports the results back. Data is sent in real-time for a specific search engine, language, and site.

Do you offer a trial period?

Yes, we do. Upon signing up, you immediately gain access to our free feature with a $1 credit to your balance for you to use when testing our services.

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